Product Information – Barbecue Grills, BBQ Smokers, Stainless kitchens, & more.

Quik-Fire Barbecue Grills, Barbecue Smokers, Stainless Kitchens & more.

QUIK-FIRE Gas Barbecue Grills were the first custom designed handcrafted ‘distinctively superior’ Gas barbecues grills to be manufactured and offered for sale nationwide in Thailand.

Our Quality Stainless Barbecue Smokers were the first custom designed handcrafted Barbecue Smokers to be manufactured and offered for sale nationwide in Thailand, as well.

We understand our customers are not invisible entities, but real people who deserve our absolute personal best: Quality handcrafted stainless products sold at factory direct pricing, with attentive personalized customer service.

QUIK-FIRE products are sold factory direct, only!

No costly retail shops, agents, credit card fees; anything that would add unnecessary costs to your purchase.

Think about that when considering the purchase of an imported Barbecue made somewhere north of Thailand and sold in a retail shop.

No getting around it: In-country, factory direct pricing of quality hand crafted stainless products = value for your money.

Grade 201/304 – A difference of nickel…

In order to understand the distinction between these two grades of stainless steel, it is helpful to know why 201 became popular in the first place.  At one point, the price and availability of nickel became prohibitive to the production of grade 304.  This created an opening in the market for an alloy that used less nickel and thus would not be subject to price increases as easily.

201 uses a combination of chromium, nickel, and manganese that reduces the amount of nickel necessary for production, thus making it less expensive in general than the 304 alloy.

How does the decrease in nickel affect the steel?

201 grade is stronger than 304; some estimate as much as 30% stronger.  201 is not as corrosion-resistant as 304, limiting its practicality in harsh environments.

Applications for both

Due to the differences and similarities between the two grades, some of the uses overlap.  Both can be found in automobiles, architecture, railways, and even appliances.  However, grade 201 is used more often in food preparation industries, including cooking utensils, sinks, dishwasher components, and other restaurant equipment.

304 can be used in these applications but is also resistant enough to corrosion to be used in marine environments where it will be exposed to the corrosive seawater.  Depending on your needs, you may want to consult with others in the manufacturing industry to find out which type of stainless they are using and how it stands up to the challenges of that industry.

Tenderizing Marinade tip:

Marinade all your meats in Coca Cola for a few hours, even overnight; this will tenderize your meat nicely, as well, leave it juicy with its same, ‘original texture’. Marinading in Papaya or Pineapple juice/pulp quickly turns your meat to mush.

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