SS Master DeLuxe Best Barbeque Grill

SS Master Deluxe Barbeque Grill

This, QUIK-FIRE, SS Master Deluxe Best Barbeque grill is big, beautiful, and heavy!

You can be the proud owner of this distinguished full size, handcrafted Barbeque Grill.

Would you like an outdoor, Oven?

With your, Quik-Fire, SS Master Deluxe Best Barbeque Grill and it’s thick double wall insulated body and top you get a serious, Oven, as well.

Roast: your favorite meats to juicy perfection: prime rib, pork roast, lamb, ribs, even, Turkeys. Roast ’em all until the meat nearly falls off the bone.

Roast your Ribs until meat is close to falling off the bones.. open top place those tender roasted ribs on your grill.

On the grill apply your favorite barbecue sauce to put the finishing touch of ‘Barbeque’ on those ribs ~ mmmmmmm finger lickin’ good!

Bake: Pizzas, bread, rolls, sausage rolls, meat pies, lasagna, casseroles, and more…

How about a large interchangeable 50%, Hotplate?

If so, we’ll craft dual 50% grills so you may remove one grill replacing it either side with your, Hotplate.

We know our Aussie mates can’t do without their hotplates no worries, we can make one full or dual hotplates for your fellas!

Think about this: prepare a delicious sunrise breakfast on your very own ‘Barbie’, grilling your bacon & eggs, snags, potatoes, pancakes on your hotplate while barbecuing a big juicy breakfast steak on the grill. What a way to begin a perfect day in the, Land of Smiles.

All QUIK-FIRE Barbeque products are skillfully handcrafted / hand welded in Thailand to American quality standards with attention to detail paid to every facet of fabrication.

Restaurateurs who wish to demonstrate their bbqing skills for all to see the, SS Master Deluxe Grill, will certainly establish the class impression you desire.

The Aroma alone from barbecue and roasting will pull customers right off the street into your dining area.

Pricing and Inclusions:



with Rotisserie 49,995 Baht

Price includes:

Stainless Housed Oven thermometer applied to Insulated Oven Style Top

Additional Accessories:

Heavy Steel Plate Griddle w/ 3 sided stainless back splashes 2,300 Baht

Heavy Stainless Plate, Half Griddle 3,300 Baht

Specifications: (download PDF here)

Personalized customer service at, QUIK-FIRE, will always be at hand.

QUIK-FIRE products are sold factory direct, only!

No costly retail shops, agents, credit card fees; anything that would add unnecessary costs to your purchase.

Think about that when considering the purchase of an imported Barbecue.

No getting around it: In-country, factory direct pricing of quality hand crafted stainless products = value for your money.

Low-Cost Nationwide Shipping:

All products are available from our factory in, Udon Thani, Thailand.

Shipping available throughout Thailand

Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Rayong, Nakhon Ratchasima, Buriram, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai.


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