SS LAD, Grill on Grill Gas Barbeque

gas barbecue grill in Thailand, SS LAD, Grill on Grill Gas Barbeque

Looking for the best high quality convenient size, grill on grill Gas Barbeque in Thailand? This is the one for you!

Same high quality materials and handcrafted workmanship as you’ll find with all, Quik-Fire, products.

This is a High Performance gas barbeque grill with a barbeque grate/hotplate size that allows you to cook for 6  or more people in one serving.

A full Griddle/Hotplate is available to set in place of the bbq grate to grill bacon, eggs, steaks, sausages, potatoes, pancakes, etc…

The body of this barbeque grill:  interior fire-box walls all supporting angle irons and heavy angle irons over the fire tubes are all made of quality stainless steel.

You won’t find paper thin Stainless steel, Enamel coated Tin, or rust loving Cast Iron, with this, or any one of our, gas barbecue grill in Thailand, Gas Barbecue Grills.

Firing for the model come in two configurations; no Pumice Stones, or conversion with Pumice Stones.

Top for this gas grill has been made extra tall for larger birds and pieces of meat you might care to barbecue, or smoke.

This model is an original design barbecue, as are all, gas barbecue grill in Thailand, Gas and Charcoal Barbecue grills; stainless steel, clean lines, high performance, and durable.

When quality of  materials and handcrafted workmanship are considered, imported barbecues will not come close to our overall attention to detail standards, we offer Thailand’s best!

Pricing and Inclusions:


SS LAD, with Standard Top – 17,995 Baht

Additional Accessories:

  • Full Hotplate – 3,900 Baht
  • Quality Stainless Housed Thermometer – 1,600 Baht

Specifications: (download PDF here)

Personalized customer service at, QUIK-FIRE, will always be at hand.

gas barbecue grill in Thailand Stainless products are sold factory direct only!

No costly retail shops, agents, credit card fees; anything that would add unnecessary costs to your purchase.

Think about that when considering the purchase of an imported Barbecue.

No getting around it: In-country, factory direct pricing of quality hand crafted stainless products = value for your money.

Low-Cost Nationwide Shipping:

All products are available from our factory in, Udon Thani, Thailand.

Shipping of any BBQ Grill available throughout Thailand

Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Rayong, Nakhon Ratchasima, Buriram, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai.

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