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Doc, having come to Udon Thani some years back had the good fortune to find and marry his wonderful Thai wife, Sawitta.

Shortly thereafter: Doc, wanted to replace his gas barbeque grill left in America.

Sawitta, being a conscientious and loving woman had a great desire to contribute more to the marriage than simply being a stay at home wife. So the story begins…

The, gas barbecue grill in Thailand, Gas Barbeque Story

Locating a quality gas barbeque grill in Thailand seemed to be an impossible task other than purchasing in, Doc’s, opinion the overly priced imported gas barbeque grills originating somewhere north of Thailand, sold in a cardboard box.

Not satisfied with these commercial style barbeque grills considering the price, etc., it was time for Doc to put on his creative thinking cap and set his mind to designing an innovative Gas Barbeque Grill that would so out perform the import models, there would be no comparison to quality, or price.

During Doc’s life in the U.S. he had conceived and built several beautiful/fast show and go cars, pickups, Harley’s, and three wheel bikes. With one being his favorite; an outrageous street/show 16ft long (4.88 meter), powered by a Chevy 400 C.I. high performance 435+ horsepower three wheeled street dragster.

With this experience creating a high quality-highly efficient custom barbeque grill wouldn’t be a problem!

In mid-2004, Sawitta and Doc set out to find a group of experienced stainless steel fabricators in, Udon Thani.

It took close to a year scouting around to find the right Thai crew with the skills and where-with-all to take on the challenge of hand crafting a quality stainless gas barbeque grill.

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Once the fabrication crew was found it took some time for them to understand the attention to detail standard required.

Ultimately, Doc’s new barbeque turned out so well it sparked the idea for a new line of stainless barbeque grills to be manufactured in, Udon Thani.

The concept was simple, produce high quality hand crafted Barbeques with strict attention paid to quality materials, workmanship, personalized customer service, and offer the BBQs at factory direct prices.

Arrangements were made: all monies were to go to the Thai owned stainless products manufacturer that made Doc’s original Barbeque, with a reasonable commission to Sawitta for each barbecue she sold.

Under the watchful eye of Doc, Sawitta’s, gas barbecue grill in Thailand,  Stainless Barbeque Line was born; providing her with a great sense of worth and accomplishment.

If you desire the best, buy the best, at in-country factory direct pricing. We are confident you’ll love gas barbecue grill in Thailand Stainless Barbeque grills for many reasons. Check out the feedbacks and see for yourself.

Doc can answer your questions in English to assist his wife, Sawitta, who can speak English fairly well, but not enough to explain everything that is needed, in English.

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