How To Barbeque

How To Barbeque

That’s a good question, and often here in Thailand due to the large variety of foods, there’s plenty of answers!

At, gas barbecue grill in Thailand, we feel that it’s all about the results you get with our superior products. We made them for a purpose and we’d like to share as much as we can about what barbecuing is so enjoyable.

Here’s a basic video.

This page offers the basics, but also serves as a jumping off point for many recipes. If you think of learning how to barbeque all the kinds of fish available here from the Andaman Sea, that could keep you entertained for quite a while.

In using our gas barbecue grill in Thailand products, it’s also important, because if you already know how to barbeque, you usually can pick out the best grill.

We have products with rotisseries, we have smokers, charcoal units, you name it.

We’ll teach you how to differentiate between what it is to roast and what it is to smoke.

We’ll even get into the details about how to barbecue slow & low.

Tips and Tools:

With your tools it’s best to go with long handles on everything to keep from burning yourself & looking like an amateur. Nobody wants to be working a grill & have to be jumpy about it.

  • Long pair of stainless steel tongs. You can get the good strong ones that don’t fall apart here in Udon Thani at the chef supply place or at Tesco.
  • Sauce brush for mopping out the sauces and glazes as the meats or fish are cooking, it can be a typical yellow bristle cheap style brush, nothing with fancy hair types in it. Get it at least strong enough so it doesn’t shed bristles into the food. No plastic or acrylic hairs!
  • Standard oven thermometer, it’s great to keep alongside whatever you are cooking, -as it can sit right on the heating surface. A big part of how to barbeque is knowing the details of just how hot the cooking surface should be.
  • Candy thermometer for inserting into the top of the BBQ if it doesn’t already have one installed.
  • “Instant read” chefs thermometer is very important if you want to have very accurate temperatures of what you are Barbequing.
  • Good quality long knife with a wooden handle, maybe made of hickory etc.
  • Long spatula is essential
  • Spices: Chef Salt, Sea Salt, Pepper to cover the basics.
  • Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil
  • Pepper Mill for fresh ground pepper
  • Iron pan or skillet – These are used for searing and frying are really useful to have around the pit because it expands the possibilities.

Once you get the hang of how to barbeque a basic burger or set of chicken breasts, well get you into the real deep stuff like beer steamed cheeseburgers, flat iron steak, championship quality ribs, steaks, tenderloin you name it!

Where to get ingredients in Thailand:

Context matters here at, gas barbecue grill in Thailand, and we would be remiss if we did not mention the numerous options one has to procure top quality meats for your cooking pleasure.

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